Utility patent application

  • A utility patent protects a new and useful (functional) invention, and is the most common type of patent.
  • I provide complete application drafting services as well as start to finish prosecution before the USPTO.
  • To discuss the application process, contact¬†me for a free initial consultation.

Design patent application

  • A design patent protects the visual appearance of an invention (or a distinctive portion of the invention).
  • Before beginning the process, you should have a photograph, 3D model, or drawing of your design.
  • Contact me to discuss your specific design in more detail

Provisional patent application

  • An informal application, containing a complete disclosure of the invention, to be followed by a non-provisional utility application within 1 year
  • A provisional¬†application may be appropriate if more time is needed to develop or market your invention.
  • Provides patent pending status
  • The application will never be examined, but its filing date can be used as a priority date for the follow-on application. (Very important under first-to-file rules!)

PCT (International) or foreign patent applications

  • There is no such thing as a single 'International Patent'!
  • Multiple strategies are available for obtaining patents around the world
  • The timing of your international filings is critical, and the opportunity to patent outside the US may be lost if deadlines are missed
  • Schedule a meeting to discuss your specific situation

Patentability search

  • A search of prior art, including US and foreign patents and published applications, with my professional opinion on patentability of the invention.